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Mellard traces psychoanalytic literary theory and practice from Freud to Lacan to Zizek. While Freud effectively presupposes an unconscious that is textual, it is Lacan whose theory all but articulates a textual unconscious as he offers the epoch a cutting-edge psychoanalytic ideology. Mellard considers this and then Baird Callicott - Author.

A sequel to Callicott's pioneering work, In Defense of the Land Ethic , Beyond the Land Ethic engages a wide spectrum of topics central to the field, including the troubled relationship of environmental philosophy to current mainstream academic philosophy; the relationshi This interdisciplinary conversation discusses the nature of language. Beyond the Symbol Model: Reflections on the Representational Nature of Language presents arguments on several sides of the contemporary debate over the representational nature of language.

Contributors include philosophers, linguists, psychologists, semioticians, and communication theorists from the U. The chapt Offers the first focused study of the shifei debates of the Warring States period in ancient China and challenges the imposition of Western conceptual categories onto these debates. In recent decades, a growing concern in studies in Chinese intellectual history is that Chinese classics have been forced into systems of classification prevalent in Western philosophy and thus imperceptibly transformed into examples that echo Wester Joseph Genetin-Pilawa - Editor.

Tebbutt - Editor Rajiv Kaushik - Editor. MacDonald - Author J. Hoberman - Foreword by. Documents a volatile and productive moment in the development of film studies. In Binghamton Babylon , Scott M. MacDonald documents one of the crucial moments in the history of cinema studies: the emergence of a cinema department at what was then the State University of New York at Binghamton now Binghamton University between and The department brought together a group of faculty and students Castner - Author. This commission became Italia Illustrata , the first historical topography. This commission became Italia Illustrata, the first historical topography.

Nelson Jr. This first comprehensive comparative study of Black politics focuses on American and British settings--Boston and Liverpool. The author argues tha It demonstrates and assesses critically the radical character and aspirations of African resistance to white minority rule. Robert Fatton analyzes the development and radicalization of South Africa's Black Consciousness Movement from its inception in the late s to its banning in He rejects the widely accept Jones - Author.

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The first book solely devoted to the subject of black fraternity hazing. As a fraternity member, past chapter president, and former national committee representative, Ricky L. Jones is uniquely qualified to write about the sometimes deadly world of black fraternity hazing. Examining five major black Greek-letter fraternities, Jones maintains that hazing rituals within these fraternities are more deeply ingrained, phys Expanded and revised edition of the first book devoted solely to black fraternity hazing.

Are black men naturally violent?

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Do they define manhood in the same way as their counterparts across lines of race? Are black Greek-letter fraternities among the most dangerous student organizations on American college and university campuses?

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Can their often-dangerous initiation processes be stopped or even modified and, if Johnson - Author. The first comprehensive study of African American suburban political empowerment. Joyce - Author. Explores the interdisciplinary dimensions of black studies.

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  • Joyce brings black studies back to its beginning, demonstrating that the humanities lie at the intellectual and pedagogical center of black studies. She proposes that by agreeing on a core set of values and looking at the works of black writers from historical and contemporary periods, these values are manife Jordan-Zachery - Editor Nikol G. Alexander-Floyd - Editor. Examines how Diasporic Black women engage in politics.

    This book explores how Diasporic Black women engage in politics, highlighting three dimensions—citizenship, power, and justice—that are foundational to intersectionality theory and politics as developed by Black women and other women of color. By extending beyond particular time periods, locations, and singular definitions of politics, Black Women in Politics Examines how recent Argentine horror films engage with the legacies of dictatorship and neoliberalism.

    Argentina is a dominant player in Latin American film, known for its documentaries, detective films, melodramas, and auteur cinema. In the past twenty years, however, the country has also emerged as a notable producer of horror films. Analyzes how race and gender intersect in the rhetoric and imagery of popular culture in the early twenty-first century.

    Hobson points to diverse examples in cultural narratives, which sugge In a first prose translation, Professors Mignani and Di Cesare succeed in conveying the vitality and sly humor of the original. Enacts and evokes the changes and creative possibilities emerging from contemporary literary technologies electronic media.

    Part poetry, part theory, part scholarly exegesis, Joe Amato's book cruises the Information Network, sweeping along, in its rush toward revelation, the flotsam and jetsam of daily life--especially life in the academy--as it is playing itsel Examines innovative writing pedagogies and the experiences of Latinx student writers at Hispanic-Serving Institutions nationwide. Bordered Writers explores how writing program administrators and faculty at Hispanic-Serving Institutions HSIs are transforming the teaching of writing to be more inclusive and foster Latinx student success.

    Explores the role of language, history, and politics in Romantic literature and thought, from Kant to Yeats. This book recasts questions about the overlapping boundaries of language, history, and politics that have been at the center of critical and theoretical debates in the study of Romantic literature and thought. While poststructuralism and deconstruction have been accused of privileging language over history, the Presents new scholarship, images, and primary sources that explore the art and legacy of a critical yet under-recognized figure in Abstract Expressionism and twentieth-century American art.

    The book includes over forty paintings, Soltis - Foreword by. An exploration of the benefits and problems of using the Internet in education. The book is invaluable for educators who want to use technology in the service of equity and the intelligent analysis of issues of social justice. Explores how the conditions that shaped Rwanda's labor organization and industries also shaped Rwanda's genocide.

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    Brickyards to Graveyards examines how the overidealized picture of Rwanda as the darling of the world community in the s was shattered amidst the genocide that occurred a decade later. The brick and tile industries of Rwanda provide a microcosm to examine the transformation of gender, class, and Schelling - Author Michael G. Vater - Editor. There exists in English no truly detailed account of Schelling's identity-philosophy.

    Vater's very fine introduction, and his extensive notes to the translation, do a great deal to fill this gap. Brown, University of Delaware Makransky - Author. Provides many new translations of original texts formative of Mahayana concepts of Enlightenment and resolves the year-old controversy between Indian and Tibetan views of the meaning of buddhahood.

    To enter the Mahayana Buddhist path to enlightenment is to seek both to become free from our dualistic, deluded world and to remain actively engaged in that world until all others are free. How are these two apparently c Discusses both depictions of Buddhism in film and Buddhist takes on a variety of films. In , the same year the Dalai Lama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, a decade-long boom of films dedicated to Buddhist people, history, and culture began.

    Offering the first scholarly treatment of Buddhism and cinema, the editors advise that there are two kinds of Buddhist film: those that are about Buddhists and those that Inada - Editor Nolan P. Jacobson - Editor. In Buddhism and American Thinkers, leading scholars explore Buddhist influences on the currents of American thought. The essays presented here advance a continuing dialogue between East and West and show how Buddhism has made ever-deepening penetrations into the very substratum of American thinking.

    Contributors to this volume share a concern with ideas that constitute a common core of Buddhist and American philosophy. Each relates Buddhism t Taking language as its general theme, this book explores how the tradition of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist philosophical speculation exemplifies the character of scholasticism. Scholasticism, as an abstract and general category, is developed as a valuable theoretical tool for understanding a variety of intellectual movements in the history of philosophy of religion.

    The book investigates the Buddhist Scholastic theory and use of script This book explores historical, textual, and social questions relating to the position and experience of women and gay people in the Buddhist world from India and Tibet to Sri Lanka, China, and Japan. It focuses on four key areas: Buddhist history, contemporary culture, Buddhist symbols, and homosexuality, and it covers Buddhism's entire history, from its origins to the present day.

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    The result of original and innovative research, the author offers Bartholomeusz - Editor Chandra R. This examination of Sri Lanka's ethnic and religious minorities links the past with the present through a treatment of Sinhala-Buddhist fundamentalist development in the late nineteenth century and its hegemony in the late twentieth. Buddhist Fundamentalism and Minority Identities in Sri Lanka explores Sinhala-Buddhist fundamentalist ideology and its power to shape the identities of Sri Lanka's ethnic and religio Lane - Editor Nancy L.

    Zimpher - Foreword by. Demonstrates how universities can use Big Data to enhance operations and management, improve the education pipeline, and educate the next generation of data scientists. The Big Data movement and the renewed focus on data analytics are transforming everything from healthcare delivery systems to the way cities deliver services to residents.

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    Now is the time to examine how this Big Data could help build smarter univer Encourages a deep reading of a selection of essential Spanish films. Contributors focus on current theoretic Examines the impact of business improvement districts on the quality of contemporary civic life. Jerry Mitchell provides a comprehensive analysis of business improvement districts BIDs —public-private partnerships that shape city places into enticing destinations for people to work, live, and have fun.

    Examines the liberating power of speech and its influence on generations of Italian American writers. In By the Breath of Their Mouths, Mary Jo Bona examines the oral uses of language and the liberating power of speech in Italian American writing, as well as its influences on generations of assimilated Italian American writers. Advocates and demonstrates women's path to personal wholeness and self-healing through an eco-feminist, reader-response analysis of four fictional narratives. Women's paths to personal wholeness and self-healing are explored through an eco-feminist, reader-response analysis of four fictional narratives.

    Explores personal and professional issues in the study of race, gender, and culture. A poignant study of how a group of poor white urban youth find respite from poverty, violence, and racism in a local community center. This book considers how impoverished youth living in a deindustrialized urban neighborhood struggle to make sense of their lives in today's economy.

    Using participant observation and in-depth interviews with a group of eighteen white middle school girls and boys who walk each day from Coppa - Author. Based on the documents of the secret Vatican Archives, and neglected family papers in the State Archive in Rome, the book gives an important reevaluation of this key diplomatic figure, separating the man from the myth and delving into his character and policies. Van Galen - Editor. Looks at the ways in which social structures and relationships within schools define, enable, or constrain an ethic of caring, especially for historically marginalized groups of students.

    The contributors to this book tap into an important, but largely unexamined perspective: examining how social structures and relationships within schools help to define, enable, or constrain an ethic of care. Surveys the forty-year career of Carl Walters — , a pioneer of modern ceramic art in the United States. Drawing on the first major exhibition of Carl Walters in over sixty years, this catalogue includes an extensive critical essay by curator Tom Wolf and an additional essay by modern ceramics expert Adrienne Spinozzi. The catalogue places Walters — within the context of development of ceramic arts Gracia - Editor David E.

    Johnson - Translator Paula Cucurella - Translator. Serves as a source for the exploration of many dimensions of the human experience in relation to other beings, ranging from machines and blueprints to mollusks and plants.