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Lara-Jean is your average middle school student — a bit studious, very responsible, a good older sister.

Frida Kahlo

One day, her letters mysteriously get sent and suddenly everything explodes. This was a reader recommendation. A few of you have borderline harassed me I say that lovingly! I had major feel good vibes from this — and wished I had an office crush!! This one is a story of 55 year old Alison, who is planning her third wedding — and her two daughters.

I really liked how realistic it was — looking at the dynamics between the two daughters and their husbands in a really imperfect way. It was very sad at points but also very heartwarming and uplifting.

Crime Ladies #1

Vicious is, without being stereotypical, a YA novel for boys. I really enjoyed this one as it felt a bit like stepping into a modern day comic book. Will Dando a struggling musician wakes up one morning able to predict the future. He wakes up from a dream with predictions about the world in his head. Suddenly he goes from struggling to pay rent to selling predictions for millions sometimes billions of dollars. The book chronicles his struggle to stay anonymous going by The Oracle and putting his predictions up on a heavily guarded website as a wild chase from the US government and an evangelical minister ensues.

A part of me thought that maybe I was just really desperate for a good thriller but I just really loved this one.

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This one has serious Talented Mr. Ripley vibes with a bit of Gossip Girl mixed in. Julia is struggling to make ends meet when she meets Lavinia and she is suddenly introduced to a glamorous world of parties and champagne. But of course, it all goes wrong. It was really disjointed — there were so many characters, all deeply unlikeable.

I will say that she threw in some really good twists toward the end I really liked the ending but it was still tough to get through. Emily is now 36 and a master celebrity fixer, but has fallen out of popularity with her clientele. She grew up in the mountains of Idaho with parents who belonged to a radical subset of the Mormon church. They were anti-government, anti-medical establishment, anti-school. Seventeen year old Abby Ives is fashion-obsessed, gay, running a plus-size fashion blog… and just landed her dream job as an intern at her favorite boutique.

This is the story of Elisa growing up very wealthy in Cuba during the Batista era — her father, a sugar baron and Marisol — her granddaughter. Marisol sets foot in Cuba for the first time in her life at age 31 to scatter the ashes of her beloved grandmother. She gets to know the city, she meets an alluring man, and she uncovers some huge secrets that her grandmother had been hiding. And the plot itself was really good. There were two!

The original plan was to be reunited with family in 3 months; no one thought Castro would stay in control for as long as he did. It ended up taking three years for his mother to join him and his brother his father stayed behind; refusing to leave his possessions. He lived with a foster family and then in an orphanage; ultimately ending up with his uncle. The kids, growing up were so wild and violent with each other. Constant fighting, going car surfing… it was definitely something different. And his memories are just beautifully written.

I really, really enjoyed this one. Charlie Calloway is 17 years old but her mother disappeared when she was only 7. Set in Nashville, this is the story of two families: the well to do Brownings and their son Finch; and the less fortunate Tom Volpe and his daughter Lyla. One night, Finch makes a terrible mistake which effects Lyla. The story covers so much. It talks a lot about bullying.

Paige Townsen is an obscure high school student in living in Oregon when she decides to audition for the movie adaptation of a major blockbuster book series think Harry Potter or Hunger Games! She finds herself again torn between beautiful Rainer Devon or his more mysterious co-star, Jordan Wilder. This series is exciting and delicious and the sequel is a really fun read. Kay comes from humble roots unlike her peers and has skeletons in her closet but has managed to become the captain of the soccer team and a part of the popular crowd.

Then a dead body shows up in the lake and the dead girl sends her on a computer-coded scavenger hunt where Kay will ultimately isolate all of her friends and implicate herself in the murder. She was the perfect daughter, student, etc.

The story takes place ten years later though it also goes back in time as her mother Laurel tries to piece things together. She ultimately meets the perfect charming man, Floyd… only to meet his daughters — the youngest of which looks JUST like missing Ellie. You definitely must read this one. This was a really awesome thriller. This one kept me on my toes the whole time with twist after twist after twist.

After constant tabloid attention, her family decides to uproot her for the summer moving from America to Scotland to be near her sister and hopefully out of the press. He moves her into his mansion, alongside his five sons.

Feminist perspectives of Song of the Hummingbird & The Book of the City of Ladies | Jotted Lines

At first the 5 sons are terrible to her, but ultimately a romance develops. This is the second book in The Royals Series. Reed made a big mistake and has lost Ella — possibly forever. Consider yourself warned?

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This is the third book in the Royals Series. Now here I am again, slightly satisfied, but dying for the next one. This is a super fun read-in-one-day mystery. Five students get detention, during which, one of them dies. Each student is pretty much your stereotype the brain, the beauty, the jock, the troublemaker and of course it is the outcast that dies.

As it turns out, the outcast in the group has a Gossip Girl style blog that was about to reveal juicy secrets about each of those four students. Immediately, the remaining four students are called into question.

See a Problem?

One of them is lying… or is someone else the killer! I finished it in a day.

This one is sad uplifting at the same time. In between there is a love story, a murder, and so much more. What I took away from it and loved most were the strong female characters — and their unbreakable relationships. Did he kill her? Was he abusive?