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Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like anyone else. LoveWins," Obama said through his Twitter account.

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But compared to so many other issues, America's shift has been so quick," Obama said. He did not acknowledge that his own public "evolution" on gay marriage, as he has put it, was slower than others.

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  • It wasn't until that he came out in favor of gay marriage. Vice President Biden, whose public support for gay marriage predates Obama's, said gay and lesbian couples "share a love for their partners constrained only by social stigma and discriminatory laws.

    Now campaigners are fighting to save it and other key protections under Trump. Senior Editor and Writer. Marriage equality eventually became law in California in The last 10 years in American LGBT politics featured marriage equality as a red-button pivot, motivating activists pro and anti.

    Did Obama's Gay Marriage Lie Matter? : Democracy Journal

    That struggle, its hangover and practical and ideological remnants, is still being contested. Following a momentous SCOTUS ruling, marriage equality was finally legalized nationwide in ; the White House that June evening was wreathed in the colors of the rainbow to mark both the key civil-rights victory and Pride month.

    But it will only be two years next month since President Barack Obama finally came out in favor of same-sex marriage. In doing so, he was mirroring a broad and speedy change in public opinion on the issue, and would also accelerate it.

    LGBT activists view Obama as staunch champion of their cause

    And the following year, when his Administration filed a brief to the U. The brief did not advocate for a so-called fifty-state view that would guarantee gays and lesbians nationwide the right to marry. The book is to be published next Tuesday, and it sheds some important new light on what happened. Becker spent four years embedded with the team that brought the lawsuit trying to overturn Prop. The narrative here thus reflects the experiences of the key participants in the Prop. Becker also interviewed me for the book.

    Kenyans are warning Obama to steer clear of gay marriage on his visit to Kenya

    Becker makes it clear that both Obama and his team were deeply conflicted about whether he should announce his support for gay marriage before the election, to the point where its unresolved, internal debate had resulted in a kind of paralysis. In the excerpt, Chad Griffin, the head of a group fighting Prop. His perpetual state of evolution on the issue was an untenable construct that he had maintained perhaps longer than was politically prudent.

    That made it even more imperative that Olson, Boies, and Griffin get the President to weigh in specifically in support of their effort at the Supreme Court.