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Emanating from an all too familiar story of a family torn apart by addictions and incarcerations, I found myself repeating the vicious cycle of so many who had come before me.

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As far back as a fifteen year old, I can recount vividly my commencement into the perilous world of using Meth, Marijuana, and Liquor. My parents had been enslaved to these drugs and as my Dad came in and out of my life while spending much of his free time in prison, I watched my Mom fall deeper into her own pain and addiction.

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For many years the patterns continued as the behaviors and poor decisions constantly being made were merely another coat of paint on the only canvas I had been given in life. I spent so much of my time and energy desperately trying to conceal it all from those who were watching each and every painful stroke.

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Another child was on the way. Another Dad, same Mom, same old story, but this time a very different and profound outcome was in the making. Something inside me made me go back and pick it up, and I hung on to that little pamphlet not knowing what God had in store for me.

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My pregnancy was moving along and I was beginning to grow weary of my situation, my future, and my life in general. I found myself alone and completely exhausted emotionally and physically.

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I spent every waking moment of my day trying to hide my pregnancy from everyone around me, including strangers. I concluded there really was only one way out of all this madness, and it was abortion.

I made the call and set an appointment to rid myself of all that was troubling me and holding me back. After all, it was time for me to get back in the game and prove myself legit to all who had seen me stumble all too often throughout my life.

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What else could I do? They attended child care classes; job related counseling and earned their high school diploma, all in this safe and nurturing environment. Next she introduced Pastor Ricky Jenkins who offered a moving invocation. We want to purchase a lot to expand which would give us more beds for other pregnant women in crisis.

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Raise the Paddle followed the live auction. You are here: setlist. Meet push baby, a new band formed straight out of the U.

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But wait, they appear to be somewhat familiar Yes, push baby are the reinvented and reinvigorated musical group formally known as multi-platinum pop sensation, Rixton. The group's four musicians -- Jake Roche, Charley Bagnall, Danny Wilkin, and Lewi Morgan -- first came together under the original name of Relics before settling with Rixton in early Despite all their success, the four-piece was not satisfied with the overall image they presented to fans and retreated back to their British homeland for a fresh start.

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Now, push baby has finally risen from the ashes and transformed into the pop group they have always wanted to be with the release of their debut single "Mama's House" via Republic Records. The piano-driven track serves up a delicious mix of cheeky hooks, rhythmic vocal licks, and truthful lyrics that touch upon the outcomes of their career-changing hiatus. The pop band has now officially embraced the meaning of what it means to be utterly transparent not only with their music, but with themselves.