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One day, Maggie smells food near her stepmother Caroline Joely Richardson , though Caroline smells nothing and muses that Wade must be cooking downstairs. Finding the kitchen empty, Caroline realizes in horror that Maggie has begun to smell living flesh, in this case Caroline's, as food. Maggie receives a desperate call from Trent.

At his home, Trent has locked himself inside his bedroom after he too felt hunger smelling another human.

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Maggie tries to comfort him but watches helplessly as the police forcibly remove Trent to quarantine. Back home, Maggie encounters a trapped fox in the woods.

Later she runs into her home, hysterical and coated in blood, admitting through tears to her frightened parents that she freed the fox but then couldn't stop herself from attacking it. Wade shoots the half-eaten fox. Caroline departs and urges Wade it's time Maggie is taken away. Two officers arrive and Wade fights one of them before Maggie appears, assuring them she has not yet turned. The sympathetic sheriff leaves Wade with a warning that he'd better decide what to do with her before they next come to check on Maggie.

Wade shows Maggie white daisies he's grown in her mother's old garden, "Daisy" being a nickname he sometimes uses for Maggie. She thanks him for the garden's beauty, but also begs him to promise that he will "make it stop" before she grows worse. Later, Wade sits alone with his shotgun, still unable to use it. He pretends to sleep when Maggie approaches, her skin now gray and her eyes blackened. She lingers over him, smelling him, seemingly on the edge of self-control, before kissing his forehead.

Maggie goes outside. Wade, seeing a shell on the floor, puts it in the shotgun.

Maggie's Plan

Maggie has climbed to the roof and jumps off, her last memories being of herself as a child frolicking outdoors with her mother, picking a daisy. The following year, the script landed on the Black List of "most liked scripts. On March 25, , the trailer for Maggie was released on YouTube, receiving 4 million views in 4 days, [14] with director Henry Hobson also releasing the trailer on his Vimeo account. Maggie premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 22, Although Maggie received mixed reviews, critics praised Schwarzenegger's and Breslin's performances, with critics surprised by Schwarzenegger's ability as a dramatic actor, capable of delivering a very tragic and touching performance rather than an action film actor only.

The site's critical consensus reads, " Maggie lurches a bit clumsily at times, but is partially redeemed by strong performances and an unexpectedly thoughtful tone.

See one of Maggie Smith's iconic one-liners from the film here:

Christopher Bourne of Twitch Film , reviewing from the Tribeca Film Festival , states that Schwarzenegger "delivers one of his finest and most effective performances here, the most dialed back and restrained he's ever been. He brings surprising nuance and depth to his role as a father who desperately fights to preserve his last moments with his daughter, and who suffers considerable agony at his inability to reverse or ameliorate Maggie's inevitable decline", and adds that his dramatic turn "suggests his capability for a wider range of roles as he approaches his seventies and is less able to take on the physical demands of the action hero roles that he has been known for.

Grayson Hamilton of Popzara. Drew McWeeny of Hitfix.

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The result is a close-up study of his limitations as an actor, and a genuinely sad piece of work that he handles well. I honestly wish I liked the film more, but at this point, we've seen a whole lot of zombie movies, and while this one tries to find a new way into the idea, it doesn't do anything particularly new. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Maggie Theatrical release poster. Lionsgate Films Roadside Attractions.

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Griffin as Sheriff Ray Pierce J. Retrieved April 7, Retrieved March 25, British Board of Film Classification. June 18, Retrieved June 18, The Guardian. Retrieved July 15, Box Office Mojo. Retrieved August 27, The Times-Picayune. Retrieved April 9, Vimeo, LLC. Retrieved September 11, Retrieved April 9, — via Twitter.

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Xing Jian situated the action in his home region and filmed everything in long takes with fluid camerawork. In a remote Siberian community he pays dearly.

Downton Abbey movie: Maggie Smith attends the star-studded premiere in London

A terminally ill Siberian forest ranger decides to live out his life as a woman. He is shunned by his small village community. How vulnerable is our position in society? Twenty-four hours in the lives of a colourful group of friends in Berlin, filmed in their natural habitat of minimalist apartments, with the constant lure of the nightlife.

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