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Karma 3: When The Shit Hits The Fan

Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. The U. This allows individual states to decide whether or not to pre-distribute KI pills.

Several approaches are used, with some states choosing to pre-distribute the pills, while others prefer to maintain local stockpiles. Pre-distribution is done by several means, including door-to-door and mail. States with KI distribution programs for general population are divided into two groups.

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States who Stockpile KI for post-incident distribution and states who Pre-distribute includes stockpiling for post-incident distribution. Each country sets different distances around their NPPs to pre-distribute KI pills, with some countries also stockpiling pills at schools, pharmacies and local businesses.

Some countries like Germany and most of the United Kingdom stockpile KI pills at certain locations, to be distributed by emergency services if required. Index Recent Topics Search.

Shit Hits The Fan For Janša And Janković

Log in Username. Remember me. Log in Forgot your password? When the shit hits the fan. Start Prev 1 2 Next End. I am interested in how people with geigercounters are prepared in case of a NPP accident. Do you have iodine tablets? Have you got these pills from the authorities? Can you buy iodine tablets without any restrictions in your area?

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How far away from the nearest NPP do you live? Can you give me your thoughts? I have them for entirely this reason. My simplest GC runs off lithium watch battery cells which have a long shelf life and use time.

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It has no scale. This is our corporate number. Please feel free to call and advise them of your feelings.

3 Feet Smaller - Shit Hits the Fan

It means infinitely more coming from you. Not gonna lie, this has become my go-to with my own job. Corporate doesn't give a fig if I say it's lousy, but Medallia surveys are like words from God. Light it up, friends. Given that I work mostly check-out and graveyard shifts we have a rotative schedule yes, I get to deal with angry guests, who are just as baffled as me when I tell them I don't have toilet paper, or water, or shampoo, soap, you name it, it makes me feel bad, because we're a 4-star Hotel, from a worldwide brand, and I can't even offer them a courtesy water, and all I get is "well, see if they ask again, if they don't, forget it" from the management team.

I'm not sucking dick or stealing from this place, people just want a roll of toilet paper, for Christ sake, and they keep these with a lock, and hand them out one by one like some detectives, what we're missing is just that. Knocks guest's door.

When the Shit Hits the Fan

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Is there a lack of funds or are they just cheap? Just cheap ass.