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At eighteen I didn't know that I would want to be able to edit a short YouTube video for a friend's birthday. And at eighteen I didn't really know I would need to learn to speak German for a future internship position. And while I know my life experiences are never going to be exactly the same as someone else's, hearing their stories and their perspective has always brought some value to my life. Whether through a blog post, one-to-one mentoring session or auditorium presentation I've always appreciated them taking the time to make life's navigation just a bit easier.

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Being from Canada originally I thought it would be great to also share a few insights from friends back home. I was originally expecting one or two replies but got much more than I could have fitted into one presentation so I'm putting them here. Here is what YOU wish you knew when you were eighteen:.

These are the hidden signs that you could be depressed.

Dickinson/Higginson Correspondence: 16 August (Letter )

Is there anything I can do to help? Instead, try some of these psychologist-recommended ideas to help your loved one get through their difficult time. Telling someone with depression that some other people have it worse will only make them feel ashamed of their feelings, Plotnick says.

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Implying that the person should feel happy ignores their condition and may make them feel guilty for their depression, Plotnick says. Not everyone will be a sobbing mess or unable to get out of bed in the morning. Now I understand that she was doing it for show. At PM, Anya left to take out the trash. Fifteen minutes later, her mother sent Volodya to look for her to no avail. She ran out herself and checked all of the local salons — maybe she had gone to get her hair cut after all.

They were all closed. She began calling all the friends and hospitals she could think of, and she ultimately found Anya in the central district hospital of Balashikha. The ambulance picked her up a minute walk from her home.

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Aside from her telephone, which she may have dropped when she fell, Anya had all of her things. The blood she remembers in her first YouTube video did not exist: doctors did not find any injuries or signs of violence on her body except for a mild scrape on her palm from the fall. They also did not find signs of drug or alcohol use. MRI and CT scans came back negative. After a few hours, Anya was released to go home.

She faced the task of recognizing her family, coming to feel at home in her own room, trying to go back to school, and remembering what happened to her.

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Doctors gave Anya multiple diagnoses. Some said she had dissociative amnesia: memory loss caused by acute stress. Others said a specific subset of dissociative amnesia, dissociative fugue, was at play: that diagnosis describes cases when a patient travels to an unfamiliar place and simultaneously loses some or all of their memory.

For now, Anya and her mother alongside her is taking antidepressants. The psychologist Alyona Sinkevich works with the teenager for free to help her become socialized again. Anya decided to start a YouTube channel when the concept of social media was explained to her after her fall. Sinkevich also said that when she began working with Anya, the teenager did not remember her multiplication tables even though she was previously a good student.

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Yelena Zharova said the youth administrator at the Balashikha hospital asked her about that possibility right after she first found Anya there on January She wore jeans and loose-fitting shirts with hair down to her waist. Nowadays, Anya is shy. She wears dresses, blouses, and pink sweaters.

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When there are strangers around, she sits with her hands crossed on her knees and answers questions in monosyllables.